A letter to the County Times

Here’s a letter I sent to the County Times in Montgomeryshire about the misleading behaviour of the True Wales campaign there.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I don’t know why it should surprise me to read a member of the True Wales campaign misleading the readers of your paper.  Philip Glynn seems to be under the impression that a ‘No’ vote on March the 3rd would somehow save the Welsh taxpayer money.  In his article in last weeks County Times (21/1/11) he mentions how “Assembly politicians are content to saddle us with the cost of more politicians” – this, however is not true, the referendum is not about increasing the number of AMs.  In fact a no vote would cost us more, due to the present law making process.  The current law making process is cumbersome and unnecessary, which takes a long time for most things to be passed; in fact it costs us, the taxpayers around £2million per year.  And Mr Glynn is arguing to keep this £2million cost!  A YES vote on March 3rd would remove this costly and longwinded process, giving the democratically elected Assembly the ability to create a law without having to ask for Westminster’s permission to do so.  After all the Government of Wales act 2006 already gives us the right to legislate in these areas, as long as we ask for the right to do so – a YES vote only makes it easier and less expensive to do so.
Mr Glynn also raises the issue of the Assembly being a single chamber legislature, however a ‘No’ vote would not change that. Mr Glynn and True Wales are in fact arguing to keep the Assembly as it is – what they fail to say is that a ‘No’ vote will not get rid of the Assembly, it will only keep things as they are now!
Mr Glynn raises the spectre of a lack of scrutiny within the Assembly, however the British Constitution offers very little in terms of scrutiny at Westminster, yet he offers no opposition to that.
True Wales claim that devolution should be passed on to the individuals and communities of Wales rather than to Cardiff Bay, however they fail to explain how they would do this through a ‘no’ vote.  It would seem that True Wales are contradictory at best, and certainly misleading.
The referendum on March 3rd isn’t about giving Wales more powers, nor is it about independence, it is about making the system of law making simpler, and cheaper.  This is why I (not a member of Mr Glynn’s hated “Political class”) will be voting YES in March the 3rd.
Yours Truly,

Aled Wyn


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