True Wales True Lies

Here’s another letter i had published in my local paper.

Here’s some context:  Mr Philip Glynn is apparently the True Wales co-ordinator in the Montgomeryshire area, who, like the organisation he represents, seems to be confused and ill-informed about devolution and the implications of the referendum that will be held on March 3rd.


Dear Editor,

For a man who is very vocal on the referendum, Mr Philip Glynn really doesn’t understand what he is talking about.  A ‘no’ vote in the referendum won’t give anyone a “bloody nose”.  The vote is not to show displeasure with WAG (Welsh Assembly Government) decisions, its about making the legislative process better and less costly to the taxpayers of Wales.

If you wan’t to give the WAG a “Bloody Nose” then you can do so on the 5th of May in the Assembly elections (after all that is what elections are for!).

Why does Mr Glynn not differentiate between the Welsh Assembly Government and the Welsh Assembly?  He says that he would like to see a vote on the existence of the WAG, so what would he do with the Assembly?

Mr Glynn and his True Wales keep putting forward arguments that are full of holes.  So I appeal to the readers of the County Times to look at the facts, which show that a YES vote will benefit us, the everyday hard working people of Wales.

Yours truly,

Aled Wyn


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