Lib Dems and bar graphs!

Another letter I have sent to the County Times in Montgomeryshire, after receiving a leaflet from the local Lib Dem candidate.

Dear Editor,
It often amuses me to read election leaflets from political parties, and none amuse me more than those of the Liberal Democrats. I refer in particular to their infamous bar graphs that would seem to “prove” that its a two horse race! This year is no exception to this. On Saturday I received a leaflet stating that “We [the Lib Dems] called to called to see you [me] today”. In this leaflet was a convenient bar graph showing how Plaid Cymru and Labour cannot contend with the Tories in Montgomeryshire.

I take issue with this misleading bar graph for one fundamental reasons. They are based on the election result of the last Westminster elections. Now, I and I’m sure all of your readers aren’t as naive to believe the graphs produced by the Lib Dems. Of course they are based on real figures, but we all know that the issues for the Assembly elections are different to those of the 2010 Westminster election. And so is the way we elect the Assembly, therefore the results in the election will differ to the Lib Dems “Two horse bar graph”.

I also was amused by the following line more than the graph’s misleading nature, the line was: “Voting Lib Dem is the only way to keep the Tories out”

The irony is certainly not lost on me, neither I’m sure it is on your readers and electors of Montgomeryshire. We have heard that line before.


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