Misleading leaflets and the election

I have written before about the Lib Dems’ misleading graphs in their election literature, but this is a new one to me!  Today I received a leaflet through the post from the Lib Dems (see picture).  When I opened the letter I was expecting to see Wyn Williams pointing at various points of local greivances, however there was a leaflet with Kirsty Williams standing in front of an Ambulance, hugging a lamb, and sitting with schoolchildren (and one, which I can only assume, of Kirsty hiding behind a corner – bottom right of the picture).

Anyway, this must have been a regional leaflet, however the title read “Time for real action for Montgomeryshire”.  But correct me if I’m wrong, Kirsty isn’t standing in Montgomeryshire.  I can only assume that this is a regional leaflet, but she isn’t standing on the regional list either!  Neither does it say anything about the regional list on the leaflet, apart from the suggestion that i should “look for the bird” (maybe an idea from the former MP Lembit Opik?).

Kirsty isn't standing here!

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