What a load of tosh!….oh wait that might be a good idea!

So Plaid Cymru were ridiculed for their plans called Build4Wales where bonds would be issued to pay for investment in Welsh infrastructure etc.  However it would seem that the UK government have agreed that this is a great idea, and offered it to Scotland.  So what about Wales?  When will Wales get its “Calman like” commission that was promised, and when will we be getting borrowing powers so we can pay our own way.


Incidentally, it would seem that Labour have decided that a few months after the election campaign that this is now a good idea.  As Mabon ap Gwynfor  succinctly puts it:

“Who is it that called it Pie in the sky? Lib Dems.

Who called in “ineffective”? Conservatives

Who said it was “to good to be true”? Labour”


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