Coulson and his security clearance

Is it credible that the director of communications for the Prime Minister didn’t have high security clearance?  This, to me, is incredible.  It was only a few months ago it was reported that Coulsin was a part of Cameron’s inner circle (reported here, here, and here).  This one comes from conservativehome blogs, “And whilst several “outsiders” such as Michael Gove, William Hague and Andy Coulson have penetrated David Cameron’s inner circle…”    If you have someone in your “inner circle” , as it were, it is implicit that you have trust in that person, and would wish them to be party to all vital information.  For a communications director not to have security clearance would make his job impossible.

Of course Mr Cameron could have deliberately made the decision not to seek high clearance for Mr. Coulson.  Why is this though?  Did Mr. Cameron know that the vetting process would dig up information that would seriously damage the Government?  Did the Prime Minister know about the hacking scandal prior to appointing Mr. Coulson and wanted to avoid it coming to the surface?

There are many questions left unanswered, which the Prime Minister must address openly.


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