Why Lembit lost…

It wasn't my fault!

I thought that the causes of Lembit Opik’s defeat in last May’s election were self-evident. However there is one person who still cannot see why the Liberal Democrat lost in my home constituency of Montgomeryshire, and that’s Lembit himself!

Lembit explained in a piece of election literature (for his London mayoral candidacy) that he only lost the 2010 election in Montgomeryshire because of the actions of Mick Bates, who was the constituency’s Welsh Assembly member at the time. For those of you unfamiliar with the antics of Mick Bates you can read more here.

So, the fact that Lembit was a shameless self promoter, who seemed more interested in being a two bit celebrity, dating a string of young women than representing his constituents. Lembit was seen as a joke in the constituency, and its is no surprise that he lost. Of course I mustn’t take away from the successful candidate, Glyn Davies. Lembit lost to a popular candidate who knew the area, and had previously represented the people of Mis and West Wales in the Welsh Assembly.

Mick Bates was responsible only for his own downfall, not Lembit’s. Lembit’s Daily Sport articles, “I’m a Celebrity” appearances and string of dalliances were responsible for his downfall.

Here’s a good blog by Tim Roll-Pickering about Opik’s long term decline in Montgomeryshire before thumper Bates got handy with his fists.


3 thoughts on “Why Lembit lost…”

  1. Opik is not the sole person who doesn’t think he had anything to do with his loss, but the only other one I’ve seen is his promoter, Ed Joyce, who probably wrote the actual text of that manifesto.

    Joyce has popped up on various blog threads across the internet to insist that it was all the fault of Mick Bates, but seems unable to explain why people were predicting Opik’s defeat as early as 2007 or why Opik had both the biggest Lib Dem collapse and the biggest anti-Lib Dem swing in both the Westminster and Assembly elections in the region.

    1. There had been an air of ridicule in Montgomeryshire for a long while, he was a joker and an embarrassment to locals. As you say on your blog, it was downhill for a long time before Bates’s punch.

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