Plaid Cymru leadership

Well, it has been a quiet summer in politics and on this blog (I was busy getting married, so sorry for no posts).  However, things are beginning to look interesting within Plaid Cymru.  A while ago I blogged about the Plaid leadership race, or non race at the time.  I set a prediction of who might go for the top job after Ieuan Wyn Jones announced that he will be stepping down.  Back then I gave a list of five possibilities, and within days one of the names I listed had thrown their hat into the ring.  However, today comes a new announcement that a second person on my list has made her intentions known.  Today Elin Jones published on her website a statement, clearly indicating that she will run for party leader.

The statement reads very much like a letter of application, however there are some hints of the kind of leader she will be.  She is keen to point out her Socialist and Republican values, as well as her west Wales roots.  How long will we have to wait before we hear who else will officially go for the job?  Not long i would guess.


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