Leanne Wood to stand for leadership


And the fourth person on my prediction list has announced they will be standing for Plaid Cymru’s leadership. This evening Leanne Wood has announced she will be standing for the leadership of the Party.

If elected Leanne will certainly navigate the party to the left.


1 thought on “Leanne Wood to stand for leadership”

  1. I Hope Leannae Wood’s grasp of reality is better than Elin Jones’

    Elin Jones Reality Distortion Zone
    Elin Jones quote in support of her Leadership challenge:
    “After four successful elections in Ceredigion I have widened the appeal of Plaid Cymru – broadened the base of electoral support.”

    Elin Jones’ Ceredigion majorities
    2003 – 4618
    2007 – 3955
    2011- 1777

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