Does Miliband know what his party is doing?

Finally, Labour will stand up against Zero Hour contracts and fight for hard working people.  It’s a bit rich for Miliband to tackle an “epidemic” of zero hour contracts today.  It is funny how Labour UK are saying one thing and Welsh Labour do another.  How can the people of Wales, and the people of the UK, for that matter vote for a party that says one thing and does another?

What in particular has Welsh Labour done that contradicts Miliband?  Well the details can be found here.  To summarise, during the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill progression through the Assembly (which is at the 4th stage of the legislative process now), Plaid AM Jocylyn Davies, attempted to introduced an amendment which would have ensured that social care provided by Local Authorities would not be done so by using zero hour contracts.


Here is the wording of the amendment:

To insert a new section—

Meeting needs: use of zero hours contracts

(1)A local authority that provides or makes arrangements of the type referred to in section 30(2)(b) must ensure as far as practicable that such provision or arrangements do not provide for the delivery of care and support by use of zero hours contracts.

(2)  A zero hours contract is a contract or arrangement for the provision of labour which fails to specify guaranteed working hours and has one or more of the following features—

  1. (a)  it requires the worker to be available for work when there is no guarantee the worker will be needed;
  2. (b)  it requires the worker to work exclusively for one employer.

(3)  For the purposes of this section—

  1. (a)  a worker is a person who is employed;
  2. (b)  a person is employed for the purposes of this section if he or she is engaged by another person to provide labour and is not genuinely operating a business on his or her own account;
  3. (c)  in any legal proceedings it is for the respondent to show that the applicant is not employed.

(4)  The Welsh Ministers may by regulations amend the definition of “zero hours contracts” in subsection (2).’.


If Miliband and his Labour party are truly against zero hour contracts, even if this is in principal only then why not support this amendment?

Here are the AMs who supported the motion:

  1. Rhun ap Iorwerth
  2. Peter Black
  3. Jocelyn Davies
  4. Yr Arglwydd / Lord Elis-Thomas
  5. Llyr Gruffydd
  6. Bethan Jenkins
  7. Alun Ffred Jones
  8. Elin Jones
  9. Eluned Parrott
  10. William Powell
  11. Aled Roberts
  12. Rhodri Glyn Thomas
  13. Simon Thomas
  14. Lindsay Whittle
  15. Kirsty Williams
  16. Leanne Wood

A list of how all AMs voted can be seen here.


Once again we are seeing a Labour Party which is either at war with itself or totally ignorant to what other parts of it are doing!


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