A snap General Election on the 8th of May

At 11am today Theresa May announced that there will be a snap General Election held on the 8th of June 2017. This is an obvious step for the Conservative leader, because recent polls have given their worst numbers since Michael Foot was the leader.

However, since the passing of the Fixed term parliaments Acc which was passed in 2011, all Parliaments should sit for 5 years. This provision can be circumvented either by repeal of the act, which won’t be happening, or by a 2/3 majority vote in the House of Commons.

The 2/3 option is going to be an interesting one. Currently the Tories don’t have 2/3 majority of the Commons, Theresa May will need to gain the support of 104 MPs from other parties. A fair amount of horse-trading will be happening as we speak to gain support. It would however be interesting to see how many ‘New Labourites’ will support this election as a way to finally rid the party of Corbyn?

It does seem like Theresa May has no strategy here. Could she not have waited to trigger Article 50 if she was planning on a snap election? Or is this a decision she has made on the hop following recent polling data?

I will speak further about the possible outcome of this election in future posts, however, it is fair to say that it will have a big impact on the two main parties.


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